Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good Times

It was our first full day at the new house, and MOST of us were having good times. Okay, the kids were having good times. I was unpacking and organizing, and on the phone with AT&T and didn't even get to brush my teeth or shower until after 3:30. Part of that was due to the box with the toothbrushes getting left at the old apartment, but Ben did go get it sometime this morning. By the time he got back I was working full-steam ahead and didn't take time to stop or eat until about 3:00. And what was Ben doing after he got back? Let's just say he looked something, like this:

In his defense, he did the best he could. He woke up sick this morning for some reason. Didn't he know that I needed him in tip-top shape today?? Fortunately (and conveniently) he's feeling somewhat better this evening and will probably be back to his normal chipper self in the morning. (Ha! Can you really imagine Ben "chipper"? I'm laughing out loud at that one!)

But we did have a wonderful event today. We picked the first watermelon from our garden and cut it open! And there's like 5 or 6 more out there growing. Wow... they have just taken off!

The girls posing with the watermelon.
Isn't it just gorgeous? Are you jealous, Gwen?
I made the kids go outside to eat it - NOT on the patio. You've got to drip in the grass, girls - I don't want ants! (Don't worry, they didn't eat alone - I joined them!)
After sharing my piece(s) of watermelon outside, Connor got a little of his own in the jail chair.

And as for the state of the house in general, it's getting there! The room that is the MOST complete is Connor's. This is the first time I've really been able to put his toys in his room since we're not in a townhouse anymore. The little guy loves being able to play in his own room! And his momma loves letting him do it. Happy day!


*Jess* said...

Hey, I've seen Ben smile... once or twice :) That counts as chipper, right? :)

I'm glad things are getting settled! I can't wait for more pics!

Amberdawn said...

That was a huge watermelon! hope it was yummy. I noticed that you have different couches too, looks nice!

Daniel said...

lol... Connor has the same dresser as Alyson! I'm so glad you're in and getting settled. How fun! Congrats!

scchesleys said...

My brother---chipper? If you say so. Glad he's feeling better though and you guys are in your house.