Monday, September 7, 2009


Isn't this the most beautiful rose you've ever seen? We have this huge rose bush behind our house, and it is laden with fragrant blossoms. I love visiting the roses whenever I go outside. I believe we have about 4 rose bushes. This home was purchased in 1965 brand new by a couple that lived here and took great care of the home until they both passed away. Then a young couple bought the house last year and lived here just 14 months. They got a job in another state and sold the house to us. I love this home already. In spite of my great frustration with myself and others about the still unfinished bathroom (which I won't talk about tonight) I am so grateful we purchased this home. And a month from now when we're moved in, settled, and established and this is all becoming a distant memory, I'll be even more happy.


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Amberdawn said...

That is beautiful! You'll be able to have fresh cut roses in your house! LOVE it!

Hey, we've done a bathroom remodel before and Danni does plumbing. Do you need any help with that bathroom?