Saturday, September 19, 2009


There are few things at heartwarming to me as a mom as watching my kids "mother" each other. This afternoon my sweet Olivia taught her younger sister to ride her bike without training wheels. Olivia has recently graduated to a "grown up bike" and has been practicing in the backyard learning to ride it. That way if she falls, it's grass and she doesn't get hurt. (Yes, it is still slightly a little big for her - she does great, though.) So of course Kelsey wanted to practice riding with no training wheels. I tried to teach her last fall and we just couldn't get it. But today, Olivia got out there with Kelsey and her old bike and showed her how it was done. If I still had video capability on my camera, you'd have gotten a video, but the camera is starting to go. Maybe this year Ben and I will get ourselves a nice camera for Christmas... But anyway, here's the still shots of the process.
Kelsey getting on the bike.

Getting ready to take off...

...and there she goes!

All by herself.

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Connie said...

How sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!