Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Sexy Man

No, not this one. (He's my handsome man.)

And not this one, either. It's my dog and my dog is a girl.

There he is! And what's he doing might you ask? He's using a wet saw to cut porcelain tile for our bathroom. I just love it when he's a handyman.
And here's the floor he helped tile. Before grouting, anyway.
Niel grouted the floor...
And here's what it looks like so far! White floor, mocha brown grout, beautiful walls. We're almost done!


scchesleys said...

that is a picture I never thought I would see---Ben with a wet saw. Bathroom looks good!

Shannon said...

Good job, ya'll!!

Connie said...

Was this the blue and yellow bathroom? I love the soft muted colors! Floor is fab!

Olive said...

Good job!