Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our "Fun" Library Day

This past Thursday they had an activity at the library making Shoebox Theaters. It was a very cool activity that the girls really enjoyed. In fact, a little boy from Kelsey's pre-K class last year was there, so Kelsey got to play with him, too!

(Sorry about the pictures, by the way. Connor got hold of my camera a couple days ago, and it wasn't until uploading them today that I realized everything looks a little smudged. Terrible fingerprints all over the lens!)

These shoebox theaters are a pretty clever idea, and the girls both made a country scene with horses. Original, I know! Olivia just loves horses, and Kelsey loves to make whatever Olivia is making. I think Kelsey got my creative gene - I never could come up with my own ideas for make-believe either.

Connor was a different story. He fussed and fidgeted the whole hour we were there. I forgot to pack him a cup or snacks, and it was really close to his nap time. By the time the class was over, I was ready to get out of dodge in a big way! One thing that did keep him occupied was our water bottle. He's gotten really good at drinking out of them. This was was pretty heavy because it was full, so it was pretty funny watching him try to lift it.

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