Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Things We Do For Love

Our fabulous local library has a great summer reading program. When the girls had both achieved their second goal level, they each received two tickets to the Oklahoma City Red Hawks baseball game on Monday, August 3rd. That meant we had enough tickets for the whole family to go since Connor got in free.

The perfect Monday night Family Home Evening, right? Except for the fact that it was 101 degrees yesterday. When we saw the weather forecast, Ben and I tried our best to bribe the girls out of going. FHE movie night at home with pizza and snacks... oh yeah. Nope. Since it was the girls first baseball game and they had earned the tickets themselves, we felt that whether or not we went had to be their decision. They still decided yes.

So off we went. We picked Ben up from work and headed downtown for dinner before the game.

Fortunately, Sonic Drive-in's corporate headquarters and probably one-and-only indoor restaurant is right across the street from the stadium. It was crowded, so we had to sit at two different tables. The girls enjoyed it, but Kelsey had to make faces for the camera as usual!

Then off we went across the street and got in line! It was still almost 100 degrees outside, so it wasn't long before we started started heating up and getting red in the face.

Unfortunately our seats were in the full sun. Fortunately, I brought a couple water bottles and hand-held fans to help keep us cool! I even brought a hat for everyone except me. I didn't want to mess up my hair. Silly vanity. I really missed that thing...

Connor wouldn't keep his hat on, so we wet him down with some water and used the fan. He kept trying to eat the fan, though, so it didn't work very well!

After about 2 innings we tried moving to some empty seats at the very top of the stadium to catch a breeze. It helped a little, but

Before the 3rd inning was over the girls complained that they were hot and bored. (Big surprise there, right?) So, off we went back to the car and headed on home.

Connor really likes drinking out of the water bottles.


Amberdawn said...

Oh we shoulda keep on going with the reading program! We LOVE baseball games! It looks like it was a lot of hot fun! The St. George Roadrunners field had huge fans and misters blowing everywhere, well except for the super cheap seats. It made baseball games bearable. The kids look cute with their little red faces!

Connie said...

Baseball games are miserable in the heat!!! I went to one Atlanta Braves game and never again...I'll just watch on t.v. in the air conditioning!!!