Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chickens and Cows

One of the field trips we took in May was to visit our friends, the "C" family.  They live about 30 minutes or so away, and have cows and chickens.  We like to eat their beef and eggs.

As we got ready to go, Connor insisted that his "friend" be buckled in for safety, too.  (And yes, we buckled Connor in a little better after we took the picture.)

Oh, and did I mention that they also have dogs?  I think all of them were mercy adoptions from when people drop their dogs off in the country hoping a farmer will take them in.  Unfortunately, all the farmers already have a half-dozen dogs and they are expensive to keep.  Maddox REALLY liked the dogs.

Pam called the cows up to the house so we could feed them.

I guess it was a little bright outside for Kelsey.

Maddox had no fear of the cows, either.  It's a little unnerving having your 19-month old try to walk among the cows... for both me and the cows!  And just for the record, I had no idea cows slobbered so much...

 Then off we went to the chicken coop.  Joseph had a great time showing his roosters off to Kelsey.

And Maddox just climbed the fence.  That's his thing now, the little stinker.  

These next two pictures were actually taken in the house before we went outside.  A day or two prior most of the chicks were killed by a snake, so Pam brought the rest into the house to keep them safe.

They are really messy, but cute.  Notice the one Kelsey's holding has feathers on it's feet?

 Kelsey had a great time holding the chickens outside, too.

And where was Connor in all of this?  He wasn't climbing fences, trying to attack the cows, OR pet the dogs.  I love my little man, but he's kind of timid.  To put it mildly.
(I just don't want to call him a "momma's boy" on the blog.)

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Becky said...

That's OK. When we go to the zoo, Lucas just watches me feed all the animals. He got bitten by a goat in a petting zoo once. He has fun anyway though!