Monday, May 28, 2012

Express Clydesdale Barn

A few years ago when Noni was visiting, we went out to see the Express Clydesdale Barn in Yukon.  It was amazing!  Yet after all this time, we haven't made it back out there... until recently.  I set up a field trip out homeschool group for Kelsey's age group and their siblings, and that was the location I chose.

We were there to see the horses, but the dogs stole the show!  Since I don't have blanket permission from all the moms to post their kids' pictures on our blog, I'm just posting the one where the only kid looking at the camera is mine...

Maddox got in on the doggie action, too - he just avoided the crowds.

And he just had to ride the little metal Clydesdale statue.  His idea, not mine.

These horses are gorgeous and HUGE.  The Express Clydesdale Team chooses black horses with four white legs (socks), and preferably some with a little white on their face.  This horse was a smaller one - about 17 1/2 hands.  (That's small for one of these draft horses.)

 And this one had a cool trick to show us: he can stick his tongue out.  If you listen carefully on the video, you can hear Maddox shriek near the end.

 After the presentation, Kelsey and the other kids go to meet our new friend personally.

Some of the horses were very, very friendly.

They had a few resident cousins on the grounds, too.

Notice Maddox doing his "climbing trick" again?  I feel like all I do anymore is pull him off of walls, fences, and tables!

There was also a stagecoach on the grounds, and the kids took a pretend "ride" after they'd seen all the animals.  Kelsey even took a turn driving!

We love this place!

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