Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What the Hail?

Normally I cannot blog my pictures out of order.  In case you haven't noticed, I'm a little CDO. (Hint: that's OCD with the letters put in alphabetical order.)

However, I think our first MAJOR hailstorm last night is worth it.

This little baby came up by our front door, so I risked reaching out to get it so we could get a picture.

Here are a couple videos of the action.  First, the back porch:

And through the front door.  
This one amazed me because of the HUGE pile of hailstones on the ground.  Just before I took the picture, they came down like a waterfall from my roof because there's a corner right there.

 This is what my carport looks like from underneath now.

And the back patio cover looks the same.  

This morning we found the siding on south side of our house had gotten the worst of it.

And a close up of the siding damage.

Guess I'll be calling the insurance company along with everyone else today!

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