Sunday, May 27, 2012

Olympic Day, Choir Concert, & Braces

Two end-of-the-year things that happened in May were Kelsey's Olympic Day and Olivia's 6th grade Vocal Class concert.

Olympic Day was hot, hot, hot.  And we were there for hours, hours, hours.  Despite that, it was a lot of fun!  It is a homeschooling event in OKC that had over 500 kids participating.  I've never seen so many homeschoolers in one place before!

Maddox started off in the stroller... but not for long.

By the time Kelsey had run her first race he had lost both the stroller AND the hat.

Here she is in the sack race.  She was worried about falling, but didn't!

After Kelsey's first two events, we went to play on the playground for a little.  Maddox found a new seat.

Eventually, so did Connor.

And here's just a random picture of Kelsey hanging out with me while we waited for her next event.

She ran the sack race, the 50 yard hurdles, and the kangaroo race.  She also participated in the beanbag toss and soccer kick.  The event she placed in was the one she almost missed!  She got 4th in the kangaroo race, and I practically missed the whole thing!  Shucks.

As for Olivia, we got her a new shirt to commemorate her first 6th grade vocal concert.  She's beautiful, isn't she?  And take good notice of her smile, because this is the last "before" picture I have of her before she got her braces put on last week.

And here is her "after" picture.  We took it a couple of days later, because she just didn't feel like smiling before then.  This is my daughter's smile for the next few years...

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