Sunday, May 27, 2012

Legos & Zoo Trip

May was a busy month for us.  We were wrapping up the end of the school year for both girls, signing Connor up for Pre-K in the fall, and going on a bunch of field trips.  I also enlarged our Lego Duplos collection - but not enough.  Kelsey, Connor, and Olivia have all been building like crazy, and then getting mad when someone takes it apart to build something else. Fortunately, I had a mantra that has worked well for the wildflower bouquets the girls like to pick me that will work in this situation, too:

The only way to make it last is to take a picture!

As already mentioned, we have been having field trips out the wazoo.  (What is a wazoo anyway??) 

On a windy day, we went to the zoo.  Doesn't Kelsey look like she's about to take flight?

Connor just looks too adorable for words.

Kelsey, Eva, and Connor overlooking the elephant enclosure.

Our friendly resident peacock (one of them, anyway)

There's this way to have a monkey on your back...

 ...and then there's this way.

If I didn't have Maddox's monkey-leash I would lose him in 10 seconds flat.  Actually did one day at a small shop I ran into for a second.  Lost him twice in 5 minutes, actually.

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