Thursday, May 31, 2012

If You Cut it, They Will Eat

Today was co-op day.  That's the day I get a basket of fresh fruits and veggies to fill my fridge, fruit bowls, and window sill.  Today I was unloading my produce and realized that I had a couple of large carrots and a half-dozen oranges that really needed to be eaten soon.

So I cut up carrots and 4 of the oranges and left them on the counter to see what would happen.

 An hour later, we had this.  One cup of carrots emptied, and most of the oranges.   I cut up the remaining two older oranges.  I think all that is left is a few carrot sticks in a cup.

The lesson here?  If you cut it up, they are more likely to eat it.

For that matter, so are you.

It's a whole lot easier to turn this:

Into THIS:

Than it is to make THIS look like something you want to eat.

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