Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kelsey is Five! (for real)

Well, yesterday was Kelsey's "for real" birthday. We were going to continue a Crews family tradition and sing happy birthday to her to wake her up before Ben left for work at 7:00. About 6:30 she came into my room where I was nursing Connor, and I had to send her back to bed. Ten minutes later Olivia got up, so we got Ben and snuck into Kelsey's room where she was huddled under the covers. Before we could start singing she jumped out from under the covers and hollered, "Boo!" We sang Happy Birthday to her anyway.
After breakfast, she had to work on putting away her clean clothes. Generally, our kids don't have to do chores on their birthdays, but this was something she was supposed to do Monday night, so here she is on her birthday hanging up her clothes.

After breakfast we set to work decorating her cake. I wanted to make a small cake because she had already had cupcakes at her party and I really didn't want a bunch of leftovers sitting around, so I baked a small cake in a casserole dish along with a few cupcakes. Then I looked online for ideas on how to decorate it. She really wanted a dalmation cake, so I did my best! I think it looks more like a speckled bear myself, but she was happy with it. Also, note Kelsey's hairstyle. She insisted.

Kelsey really wanted to have her birthday dinner at CiCi's Pizza. In order to miss the big dinner rush, Ben and I decided to meet up over there on his way home. We got there about 10 minutes before he did, and while we were waiting, I tried singing the Apple Cider song (girls camp, anyone?) with them to keep out minds off the delicious aromas permeating the air. This brought about one of the greatest pleasures I have - I embarassed Olivia. She started ducking down in the front seat of the van so no one could see here, and eventually ended up sitting on the floor of the van. When she saw me taking a picture of her, she started trying to get up, but I thought it turned out pretty good, still!

Also, here are a couple of pictures of Kelsey & Connor enjoying the birthday dinner at Cici's.

When we got home we invited our neighbors over the join in some birthday singing and cake-cutting with us. Danni was out, but Amber and the two boys came over. We all gathered around and sang Happy Birthday, but then the unthinkable happened....

Don't worry - we relit the candles and she got to blow them out this time.

All in all, Kelsey had a great birthday. We love you, Kelsey-girl!


Relief Society said...

Happy birthday Kelsey! Looks like she had a great day! Great job on the cake!

Did you get my e-mail? Also, GNO is tomorrow at Debbie Ballard's home. You must come! : )

Relief Society said...

Oh yeah, sorry, this is Stephanie! lol!

Connie said...

Looks like Miss Kelsey had a great birthday! I am all for extending birthdays as long as possible...too special for just one day!!!

Congrats on embarrassing Olivia LOL
I still embarrass "my girls" esp. when I car dance :)

Anita said...

I LOVE car dancing! They get so mad at me, though - especially when it's accompanied by loud, boisterous singing.

Anonymous said...

Your blog reminds me of my daughter Carrie's blog because of the wonderful way that you post pictures, videos, and well-written posts about the events in the life of your family. It's such a great way to journal because it provides such a tangible record of what was happening when. I'm embarrassed to say that I can't remember what we did to celebrate any of my children's fifth birthdays. Shameful, huh? I know we did something, but what I don't know.

By the way, the link to Carrie's blog is I don't have a link to it from my blog because she's wary about weird people accessing it. I know she'd love communicating with another LDS young mother so I'm giving it to you.