Friday, April 24, 2009

What a week!

I can't remember any week recently that has been quite as eventful as this one!

Monday - Ben flew out to SC to attend his Uncle J.W.'s memorial service and Kelsey came down with a stomach bug. Fun, but no biggie, right?

Tuesday - The girls had dentist appointments with Dr. Mohanna. I love his name - it reminds me of Johnny Lingo: "Mahana you ugly! Get out of that tree!" Afterwards, it was off to school and I came home and finished cleaning my house and rearranging my bedroom. Ben was still gone but the day went pretty smoothly.

Wedneday - About 3:00 a.m. I woke up with a nasty stomach bug myself. Fortunately, I got the worst of it out of my system before morning, because Olivia came in my room about 7:00 a.m. telling me she wasn't feeling good, either. So here was our day: Ben out of town, I had a fever and felt terrible, Olivia throwing up at least once an hour all day and evening, Kelsey bored out of her mind and antsy, and Connor playing (somewhat) contentedly on the bed next to me while I tried to rest and recover. However, survive we did thanks in part to my wonderful neighbor, Amber, who went and bought us a 2-liter of ginger ale. Since this was the staple of my and Olivia's diet on Wednesday, it was a lifesaver!

Thursday - Since Ben had gotten home about 1:00 (or as Olivia keeps telling me - 1:08 a.m.) in the morning, he slept in. I decided to run to the store really quick while he was eating breakfast because I had a bunch of stuff to get that I needed for the land run. So I quickly hustle out the door and down the road. Ben had told me the car sounded funny on his way home from Wichita the night before, so I'm listening closely to the engine trying to see if I hear anything. About 2 miles from the house the car completely drops out of gear. No acceleration. No moving forward at all. So I coasted into a parking lot and turned the car off. After a few tries, I got the car in gear again and headed for home. Another mile later, it happens again. After a few MORE tries, I got in gear again and headed home. I parked the car up by the mailboxes, and some day next week when I have a spare minute, we'll get the transmission looked at. I told Ben just how much God was watching over him for him to get home at all. He could have easily ended up stranded 100 miles from home in the middle of the night. It may be the end of the road for our favorite "old man" car. It's lasted us 100K miles and 4 1/2 years. Best $1500 we ever spent, and I hope it's not time to pull the plug just yet! Just look at her sitting there in all her glory!

Friday - This all brings us to today. Of course, we had the Land Run. But before the land run, I decided to grind wheat with a wheat grinder I borrowed from a friend of mine here. You know, in a normal kitchen grinding wheat flour is messy enough. In a black-tiled kitchen, it's attrocious! What CRAZY person thought that black tile counter tops were EVER a good idea?!

Then after the land run I stayed to help out with the "pioneer games". Since I had a baby with me, I got the cushy job in the pavilion - The Watering Hole. Fun, right? Yeah, whatever. But when Olivia's class got to my station, it was obvious that my little "pardner" wasn't feeling so great. Was it the jeans? The heat? The boots? Well, whatever it was she felt terrible. And on the way back to the classroom she did it. She threw up again. Fortunately for Ben, there was a trashcan right there. Olivia was getting ready to throw up into Ben's genuine leather fedora hat thingie...

And there's our week so far. It's not over yet, of course, but with any luck all of the drama is. I don't think I can take much more!


Amberdawn said...

Wow! Complete madness for your famly. Hopefully this week will go smoother for ya'll!

Jayne said...

Have you ever checked out my daughter's blog at I KNOW she wouldn't mind if you read it because the two of you have so many common experiences, many of which are crazy but fun.