Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Morning Smiles

These days, Sunday mornings are pretty relaxed at our house. We don't go to church until 1:30 this year, so we usually get up and have a leisurely breakfast around 9:00, and then the girls and I get in our church clothes and go to choir practice (I sing, they play with the other kids) around 11:00. That way, when we get home afterwards around 12:15 all we have to do is have lunch and leave. Perfect, right? So here's some pictures from this last Sunday.

Olivia was chilling on the couch reading one of her daddy's old Peanuts books.

Kelsey's tights seemed to be falling down, so I hitched them up properly for her (Ben's not exactly a "pro" at getting on nylons) only to realize about 10 minutes later that they were really just about 2 sizes too small... and I've just never taken them out of the drawer. So like any good mom, I made her lift her skirt for a picture.

But the FUNNIEST part of our morning came when we decided to spike Connor's hair using my hair putty. Let me tell you - that stuff WORKS. And apparently, Connor's hair is longer than I thought...

This next picture had to be included because I don't know WHAT he's thinking, but when I see it I laugh. He sits on the floor and does this when he gets excited - just spazzes out!

But my absolute favorite was this picture Ben took. I was just trying to hold him for a good picture, and Connor was squirming. And of course I had to kiss him, and Ben snapped the picture at just the right time. Once he gets out of the snuggling phase, this is how it'll be for the rest of our lives. I'll kiss him and he'll say "aww, mom!"


*Jess* said...

I love Connor's hair spiked!! How cute!

Connie said...

too much cuteness going around this blog :)

peace, love, and rock&roll said...

Connor is adorable! And he is so BIG! And I second Connie's comment!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE little girls and have definitely had my share of "tight" challenges. That said, I just have to add that there's just something different about those little boys. And you're right...before too many more years slip by, you won't be allowed to smooch on him.