Friday, April 24, 2009

Our First Land Run!

Today we experienced our very first Oklahoma Land Run re-enactment! All of the 3rd graders at Olivia's school dressed up in prarie garb (sort of), and paraded over to UCO's practice soccer field with their covered wagons. Once the whistle blew, it was every "family" for themselves, as they raced out and roped off some land and pulled up a stake! Then it was a picnic lunch with the families and rolling down the hill for the kids. So much fun!

While we were waiting for the whistle to go off, Kelsey found a golf ball and put it in her mouth. Like any good mom, I took a picture before telling her take it out because it was nasty and she didn't know where it had been!

And I don't know what is up with Connor, but he loves to kick one of his feet up on the tray of his stroller all the time... so cute!

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Amberdawn said...

Looks like a good time! Olivia looks cute in her prairie duds, now there's a tomboy!