Sunday, November 1, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude

This year the Swervin' Ervins have decided to have a month of Thanksgiving. Ben has always felt that Thanksgiving is the one holiday that we skim over way too fast. I think it's Easter, but we're probably both right. To try to focus our family's attention on gratitude this year, we have decided to do a daily post with the things we are grateful for.

BUT... we forgot to do it the first day. In our defense, it's probably because we had some friends over for dinner last night and got so busy laughing and having fun that by the time they left it was bedtime and we were all worn out. That is why I'm cheating and pre-dating this blog post so it'll show up as if I posted on Sunday, November 1st.

So what are we grateful for at the beginning of this month??

Ben is grateful for... good friends (Hmm... I wonder what made him think of that?)

Anita is grateful for... this:

This is our share from the produce co-op that we get every other Wednesday. It's only half a share, really, but it's plenty for us! This particular basket has grapefruit, apples, red bell peppers, spinach, grapes, green beans, bananas, potatoes, onions, lettuce, and squash - just to name a few! And it only cost me 3 hours of my time, gas for my van, and a little effort on my part.

Olivia is grateful for... the Inglehart family (our friends that came over for dinner last night)

Kelsey is grateful for... the church "which loves us, too"

Connor is grateful for... big sisters that play with him. Currently their favorite game is one called "poison baby" where the girls pretend that Connor is poisonous and if he touches them they'll die. So they run away screaming while he chases them. Also screaming, of course.

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scchesleys said...

I have to agree with Ben that Thanksgiving is usually raced through on the way to Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. You need to tell me what color Connor would like his hat please.