Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day #24

Well, we have just two more of these posts, much to the relief of my sweet and loving husband. He's trying to make it sound like he's excited to begin celebrating Christmas, but in reality he's just happy he doesn't have to think of something new to be grateful for every night. Not that he isn't a grateful, gracious sort of man. He's just... well... grateful in the nonverbal sense. But I've loved having these posts every night and I will miss them!

Ben is grateful that... it is almost Thanksgiving!

Anita is grateful that... Ben got up with Connor this morning around 2:30 and let her sleep - even though he had to get up early for work this morning and I didn't.

Olivia is grateful for... heat. When the weather turns cold and the house gets chilly, it's nice to be able to crank up the heater! Which we did when we found her in her bedroom tonight dressed like this:

Kelsey is grateful for... that she got to go to "The Islands" today at school as a reward for reading at least 8 books so far this year. She got sea shells, bananas, coconut, a tattoo and some other nifty things.

Connor is grateful for... walks. The boy loves being outside at any time - especially when we're on the move! He rides in the backpack carrier, the stroller, and sometimes even the bike trailer. It's all loads of fun for him!

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