Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day #7

Ben is grateful for... our kids and how they make life so interesting.

Anita it grateful for... her sweet husband and girls who worked so hard to clean the house while she was at choir practice this morning.

Olivia is grateful that... we have a clean house for Sunday.

Kelsey is grateful for... a lost dog the girls have named "Buddy". He's been in our backyard since Friday afternoon.

Connor is grateful for... birthday parties. He had a great evening with some friends whose little boy is turning 2 years old tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Jordan!

And once we all went to the backyard, this was all Connor wanted to play with. I'm thinking we've got to get him one of these!


Barbara said...

Joel has two ride ons that were hand me downs. They are favorites. We really like the rock, roll and ride. It lets me push him now. He is also able to push with his feet. Later you can take off the handle and it has pedels for him.

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

I love your family's mission to be grateful, and wanted to pass along a blogger award to honor you for it!

Drop by my blog when you get a chance for the details!