Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day #12

Ben is grateful for... "The Days of Thanksgiving". And no, this isn't actually about the Thanksgiving holiday coming up this month! (For those of you who may not know, our church has regular meeting houses where we hold our midweek activities and Sunday worship services. We also have special buildings called temples, which are considered more sacred and each one is dedicated to be a House of the Lord. If you would like to learn more about temples and their purpose, click here.) The Days of Thanksgiving are two days set aside by our local church leaders to participate in temple worship - today and tomorrow. We are encouraged to attend as much as possible. Ben was able to go tonight, we are going together tomorrow afternoon, and I am going back again tomorrow night.

Anita is grateful for... Becky. She and I have been friends since 8th grade. Ironically, she moved to South Carolina from Oklahoma City. She came in a few weeks after school had started and had to sit in one of those desks off to the side in homeroom because there wasn't enough room at the tables with everyone else. She was close to my seat, and I can still remember leaning over and starting a conversation with her. We've been friends ever since. And we've only had one "fight" that I can think of. It wasn't even really a big fight - just some general jealousy on my part - but it had to do with a guy I dated in college... aren't they all? But aside from my family, she has been the biggest constant in my life. Sometimes our lives parallel and sometimes they have been miles apart, but she is one of my best friends and I am grateful for her.

Olivia is grateful that... she's still alive. This has been a rough month for her. Starting with her head injury a couple of weeks ago, the subsequent re-injury a few days later, she's also had slips, falls, and general klutziness. I don't know where she gets it. (And if you believe that, then I have some oceanfront property I'd like to sell you.) This particular set of scratches and bruises are from this past Tuesday. We went on a bike ride for PE and she tried to ride her bike through the gate in the fence, which is actually pretty close to the house. Not a good idea. She somehow ran into the brick wall and tipped over, and the gears scratched her leg. Poor thing...

Kelsey is grateful for... Braums ice cream. Mommy bribed them today to throw away the rest of their Halloween (and party) candy tonight with ice cream cones and milkshakes. We love Braums.

Connor is grateful for... scooters. He absolutely loves to stand on the scooter and have someone push him around. I was doing it this afternoon with him and Asher, and every time it was Asher's turn Connor would scream and run after us crying until it was his turn again. The boy really needs to learn to share.

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