Monday, November 23, 2009

A Few Pictures from SC

What do you think of this stair railing? Connor loved it enough to get stuck up there a few times. Yes, you read that right. He got stuck. On the first step.

And of course, we all need a good picture of baby Lucas. He really is a cute kid. And I apparently bore him to sleep - this is a good thing, really!

Connor got a hold of a screwdriver and immediately went to "his" remote (i.e. it no longer was used for anything and didn't have batteries) and tried to "unscrew" the battery compartment. Adorable.

Especially since there wasn't a screw there in the first place.

And after lunch with the Crews bunch, we needed a few self-taken pictures. As bad as they are, they will get posted for fun anyway! Here's me and Bobbi.

Me and Gwen (and no, we're not blinking - our eyes just go that way when we smile)

This one Mom took of the three "young'uns"

And then one of me and mom. This one is probably my favorite!


Amberdawn said...

Cute pictures! Love the screwdriver story! That car seat is the cutest I have ever seen!

*Jess* said...

SC? did you go again recently? And not let us know? Are you trying to make me cry?? Don't tell me we missed some Anita and kids!

Connie said...

Love the photos! Have a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!