Monday, November 16, 2009

Day #16

Are you tired of reading these yet? I'm not tired of writing them, so if you are, you're out of luck! Today was a crazy busy day, and tomorrow won't be much better. However, here is what we are grateful for:

Ben is grateful that... he was able to go to work today. He likes his job, likes the people he works with, and is grateful to have a job while there are others that don't. We could always use more money, but really - who couldn't?

Anita is grateful that... Olivia does not have the flu. She complained of soreness behind her jaw yesterday, aching all over last night and this morning, and general ill feeling. Since I'm going to be out of town Wednesday through Sunday (What?! You didn't know?! Yes, yes, I haven't officially broken the news yet. Come back and read tomorrow.) I wanted to be very sure this wasn't the onset of the flu. It would seriously cramp our style - or rather, our plans. But the test came back negative, and the doc said she's dealing with a slight throat infection. How this happened, I have no idea. Let's not forget she's already been on an antibiotic for a week for an ear infection. So we're adding azithromycin to her nightly routine - in addition to the augmentin we still have to finish up, of course. At least this one tastes like bubble gum.

Olivia is grateful for... a great Family Home Evening tonight. Every Monday we have a family night and assign everyone a responsibility. Tonight Daddy was in charge of the music and assigning opening and closing prayers, Mommy had the lesson (on the family budget - using Monopoly money, no less!), Olivia had game, and Kelsey had treat.

Kelsey is grateful for... the game Olivia chose for FHE. We played Hide and Go Seek. It's a regular around here, and we get more creative every time thinking of hiding places. It's funny watching the girls cram themselves into all sorts of crazy places. Connor doesn't hide yet, so he and Trixie will often give Mommy's and Daddy's hiding places away by following them.

Connor is grateful for... his best friend, Asher. (And if you can believe it from the picture, Asher is only three months older than Connor. I kid you not!)

I've been watching Asher a couple of days every week this semester while his mom is in class - she's in her last semester of nursing school. Because I'm going out of town this week I switched my normal days and I have him while she's doing her clinicals today and tomorrow. That means he came around 7:00 this morning, and Connor was asleep when he got here. When I went in to get Connor out of his crib and he saw Asher in the doorway behind me, his face lit up like the Fourth of July. These two are partners in crime. If one of them is doing something he shouldn't, the other is right behind him. Such as shutting each other up in the dog pen, for example.
They really are the best of buds.

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Amberdawn said...

So cute! How fun for Connor to have a buddy to play with!