Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day #14

Tonight we had a family movie night. I had to run to Wally World today (fun-fun on a Saturday, don't you think?) and there it was, staring me in the face: The Red Box. So I stopped by the see what they had. I have been wanting to see Disney's "Earth" movie, and the girls had seen part of it at our friends' house, so I rented it and brought it home.
If you have no idea what movie I'm talking about and want to watch a trailer of the movie, click here.

Considering how much some of the people in this family love the "boob tube", you'd think it'd always be a big hit. Normally, it would be. Apparently, we have different expectations of movie-watching in this home. Ben likes to sit and enjoy without the chatter. This is usually Anita's take as well, unless it is a documentary movie like this one. Then she likes to "ooh" and "ahh" over the cool-looking things she sees. Olivia is pretty quiet, but occasionally likes to laugh and talk about something she's seen - like that mean old cheetah going after the baby whatever-it-was. Didn't he know it was just a kid? Kelsey likes to recreate the movie in the middle of the room, generally between Anita and the TV. Connor? Well, he doesn't even really notice there's a movie on. He just likes to redecorate the den. He may as well since he can't escape, right??

Since we were watching this movie tonight, we decided to do a gratitude post about the amazing things we saw and are grateful for on this planet Earth on which we live.

Ben is grateful for... the beautiful waterfalls.

is grateful for... the Earth's 23.5 degree tilt. It is what gives us our seasons every year, and a wonderful variety of life all over this planet. And to me, yet another proof that life here is not accidental but by Divine design.

Olivia and Kelsey are both thankful for... the birds of paradise that live in the rain forests.

This is one of their favorites - the one is front is the female that the male is trying to impress. The male bird is facing the camera right now. That's right! Those are not tail feathers you see before you... the little blue dots are where his head is. This mating drama he does is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while,

is grateful for ... Balmex. And no, it was not in the movie anywhere. But apparently he had a non-odorous stinky diaper during the movie and we didn't catch it because we were so engrossed in the antics of the evening. By the time we went to change him, his little bottom was raw and red. So tonight, Connor is grateful for Balmex.


Connie said...

Love this. Do you ever read Jayne's other blog "Eve's sisters"?
She mentions your family in her latest post. the whole blog post is pretty awesome.

the link is

scchesleys said...

We have Planet Earth on the DVR and that's an amazing series. We watch it when we need to be inspired by God's creation.