Friday, November 20, 2009

Day #20

Ben is grateful that... Anita will be home in 2 days. (Do you think my family has missed me? I feel so loved!)

Anita is grateful for... phone calls from home every night and a family that loves and misses her. I miss you too, guys!

Olivia is grateful for... getting to visit the state capitol today with the some friends. She's been staying with their family doing her school work this week, and they do extra work Mon-Thurs so they can take Fridays off. I like this idea - a bonus trip to the state capitol. It was so thrilling to hear her excitement and enthusiasm. Apparently, our whole family has to go now. I can't wait!

Kelsey is grateful for... being able to watch the Smurfs today.

Connor is grateful for... slides! For a long time he has been afraid of them, probably due to his foolish Mommy taking him down a really big, really fast one this summer. Prior to that trip, he had tolerated slides, though he didn't enjoy them. After that trip, he was terrified of them. In my defense, I didn't realize just what a cool slide it was. For older kids and adults, anyway. Terrifying for someone like Connor, apparently. However, in the past couple of weeks he has started showing an interest in them. First it was just the little toddler slides, but today he actually went down one that was almost as tall as I am. And then he kept asking for more!

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