Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day #25

The turkey is thawing in the sink, the pumpkin pie is baked (and my house smells wonderful, by the way!), the chocolate pudding pie for the kids in the the fridge, and my sweet basil turkey rub is already made and in the fridge. I'll have a few more things to cook tomorrow, some guests are bringing other yummy foods for the Thanksgiving feast, and the house is even almost clean. I love Thanksgiving!

Ben is grateful for... a 4-day weekend.

Anita is grateful for... the wonderful imagination of her children. They were playing in the backyard for hours this afternoon, and at one point I looked out and this is what I saw:
What is it, you may ask? It's a tee-pee they made out of branches and the grill cover. They did a pretty good job, wouldn't you say? But where in the world do they get some of their ideas? I love love love their imaginations!

Olivia is grateful for... Trixie! And here's a picture of them chilling out together tonight:

is grateful for... no school today.

Connor is grateful for... music. The little man loves to dance and groove!

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