Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Home Evening Funnies

So tonight Kelsey was in charge of our lesson for Family Home Evening. Generally she will select a picture from the Gospel Art Picture Kit and read the caption on the back that talks about what's going on in the picture (i.e. a family praying, Jesus with the children, etc.)

Tonight she said she wasn't going to use a picture from the kit. She said she just wanted to talk about how Jesus loves us. So I grabbed a framed picture of Jesus to use for a visual aid and was willing to let her wing it for her lesson. She is 5 1/2, after all, and I was curious to know what she was going to say.

Kelsey's lesson consisted of a family discussion about Jesus and how we know he loves us. The kids talked about their blessings (family, home, food, etc.) and listed those as ways we know. But then I asked whether Jesus still loved us, even if we didn't have food, home, family or any of those things. Does Jesus love people who don't have those blessings? The girls responded, "Yes, he still loves us then." So I asked how we knew? Because he made us - that's a blessing he has given everyone, right?

To this Kelsey responded, "Yes. Even when we die he loves us."

Olivia's response? "He's happy when we die."

That's when I lost my composure and couldn't stop laughing. Of course, the rest of Olivia's comment was something about how then we could be with Him after we die, but I just couldn't get over the first part.

I love my children. What a lucky Mommy I am!

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*Jess* said...

so sweet! :)

And to answer your question on my blog...

last year, we didn't dress up because i was in the hospital. And no one at work threw a party. But the years before we've been:
-a priest and an alter-boy
-a football player and pregnant referee
-a terrorist and an afghan woman
-Lois Lane and Superman