Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day #21

This has really been a wonderful week for me, but a tougher one for the girls and Ben. This is completely understandable. In some ways, it's much harder to be the part of the family left at home instead of the part of the family doing the traveling. However, I think I can safely say now that we are all looking forward to the trip home tomorrow for me and Connor.

Ben is grateful that... he will have a warm bed to sleep in tomorrow night. Why he thinks I bring that much warmth to the bed I'll never know. I'm always the one freezing and snuggling close to my furnace of a husband for extra warmth. Of course, I also do it because that's where all the covers are. Yep, he steals them every single night. But to get back on topic...

Anita is grateful for... a wonderful lunch today with her mom, Gwen, and Bobbi. We had some good eats at The Mustard Seed (worth the drive, people!) and a really nice visit. And Beth, we missed you - get well soon! I was going to post some pictures, we took after, but I can't find my camera cable - I was sure I packed it, but it'll turn up eventually!

Olivia and Kelsey are grateful that... Mommy will be home in one day. (I feel so loved, sniff sniff!)

Connor is grateful for... Vicks Vaporub. I know you guys get tired of hearing me say it, but putting that stuff on his feet makes his colds bearable. And he got hit hard this morning with a doozy of a cold. He was miserable, the poor little man. So we detoured by Target on the way to lunch and got the magic ointment. Onto his feet it it went, and an hour later his nose slowed down to a trickle and the glazed, watery look calmed down in his eyes. And we are definitely trying to do some serious germ control in this house so he doesn't get baby Lucas sick!

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