Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day #19

Ben is grateful for... the Children Read to Dogs program at the local library. Again, it gives him something to do with the girls! But even better, it's a great program where 4 or 5 certified therapy dogs come into the children's section at the library and the kids get to come in and take turns reading a book to the dogs. The girls love it, too!

Anita is grateful for... showers. They are one thing that can help us feel human again no matter how tired or how dirty we are.

Olivia and Kelsey are grateful that... there are only three more days till Mommy comes home. (See? I told you I'm the life of the party!)

Connor is grateful for... beds with sides. Last night I tried to share the bed in the spare room with him, and he fell off twice. The first time in the 6 inches between the bed and wall, and the second time on the other side (because Mommy had switched sides with him). So for his nap today I moved the pack & play into the guest room for Connor. He woke up about 30 minutes after I laid him down, so I had to put him back to sleep. He kept crying all over again when I'd put him back in the pack and play, so I laid down on the bed with him. I assumed that since he had the bed to himself that it would be safe. I forgot that all my children and crazy maniacs when they sleep that much touch every single inch of the bed at least ONCE in the course of their slumber. Fortunately he had already napped for almost 3 hours before he fell off this time. Tonight, he's safe and sound in the pack and play - no matter what!

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