Monday, November 9, 2009

Day #9

Ben is grateful that... no matter what time Connor wakes up -or how bad his mood might be when he wakes up - he always gives him a big smile when he goes in to get him out of his crib. And that starts his day off right.

Anita is grateful for... clothes that fit well. Today was not one of those days - I felt like I was hitching up my britches and tucking in my camisole all day long, and it made me appreciate the days when my wardrobe is low-maintenance and I don't have to.

Olivia is grateful for... getting to eat pizza for dinner again. Tonight it was the $3.99 special at Little Caesars. Hey, I can't be The Candid Cook all the time, people!

Kelsey is grateful for... Mr. Moll, her PE teacher. He does breakfast duty sometimes in the morning, and on one of those rare occasions where my kids actually ate breakfast at school he was in the cafeteria acting like a chicken. Memorable, to say the least.

Connor is grateful for... binkies. For some reason no one out here calls it a "pacifier" or "paci" for short. It's a binky. (And a "soda" is called a "pop"! What the heck?) Connor has never been a binky baby - until now. His friend Asher who comes over must have his binky and blanket at nap time or if he's really upset. Connor is entranced by this idea and now wants a binky if he can get one. Oh, and his super-soft blanket when he gets out of the crib. (Jayne, I believe it's the one you gave him.)

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